Origins Out of Trouble Mask Review



Smell of camphor makes me believe this is really working.

Really keeps its promises to reduce grease and works as anti-inflamatory.


Take care on more sensitive areas, and avoid using where it is not needed, as is might dry out and stress the skin.


Winter is coming, and that means bye bye glowey, healty, easy going skin.. And welcome increasingly greasy, grey skin with random pimple outbursts on cheeks, that never ever heal. Winter for me is tough, one should think that scandinavian genes would have prepared us for month on month with no sunlight… But winter always fucks up my skin. And while I cover up my unshaven legs in layers of pantyhoes and jeans, my face is the only thing I need to take care of. SO one of the things I struggle with during winter is greasy skin with the occasional pimples that wont go away.  In my search for a mask that actually shows results, I stumbled over this one. And let me say, it is efficient. Almost too efficient, by that I mean, it can be a bit harsh on the skin, so I only use it on trouble area (in my case forehead). Once a week, or when needed, and the effect is long lasting – but that I mean that it reduced grease and works in an anti-inflammatory way – making my skin less prone to break-outs.  This mask almost feels pharmaceutical withs its potpourri of all the famous ingredients, that say bye bye pimples and grease: zink oxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, and camphor! This smell just says, “this is working!”.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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