Alterna Caviar Style Waves Texture Sea Salt Spray Review



Gives that perfect post beach hair look.



You have to wash your hair the same night – because the spray leaves a lot of residue in it.


I‘m dreaming of beaches and the sun – waiting for those rays of warmth is just easier when you surround yourself with some stuff helping the pretending a bit along the way. This salt spray is one of them…I love having salty hair – I don‘t care it dries out my hair and that my hair takes ages to recover after a week on the beach – it is still worth it.

This spray gives my hair instant volume, creates good curls and transforms me to a beach afterparty (instead of the train home from work after a grey day). The minus of this spray is that once you use it you have to wash your hair – the next day your hair is just full of residue and looks like crap.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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