Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules Review



My skin feels amazing and radiant after first use.


The price.


I think my beauty theme for this year to date, has been budget. I have become more aware of the good ingredients at a lower cost, been relying more on what my local pharmacy has to offer and managed to keep my extravagant sheet mask habits by ordering them off Amazon to be picked up by friends going on business trips to the US (I go to great lengths to reduce my beauty costs I guess you can tell..). So these ampules are definitely a huge, huge splurge for me..and it was soo worth it. This winter my skin has felt very gloom, from too little d-vitamin and personal problems causing lack of sleep, fatigue and stress – which went straight to my skin. Of course it took a tool on my general appearance (sick and tired of colleagues telling me I look tired) and I did everything in my power to control whatever I could – which was my skin. During my most harsh days I made it a mission using a sheet mask a day and using my beauty flash balm to an excess. So where do these ampules come in? You are supposed to use them daily, I didn‘t because that‘s just too expensive…but each time I used them my skin just looked radiant the next day. No matter how heartbroken and devastated I was my skin looked excellent. And that just did something for me. It made me feel a bit better, lighter.

You are supposed to use the capsules after your serum and before your face cream. I only used them in combination with face cream, otherwise my skin felt too oily and on the verge of breaking out. There is no way you can save half a capsule for the next day – or I didn‘t even try – so again this is a luxury treatment. But each night I used them I felt like I just had a mini facial. You are supposed to use a package up – so one capsule a night for 2 months, maybe I will try that one day..when my budget says OK.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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