Avène YsthéAL Intense Anti-wrinkle Skin Renewal Concentrate Review



Gives loads of hydration.


My pump bottle broke immediately.


I have felt a bit confused in my skin care routine lately (has something to do with hitting the big 30 Freud said) – should I try every new ingredient on the market OR should I now that I hit 30 start buying expensive creams that kill my wallet but promise youthful skin forever OR should I go for Nivea creams for a year and save up for those Givenchy boots I dream about….When I get confusions like these I usually go back to basics – and that for me is going back to some good ingredients. Naturally when my serum ran out it created havoc in my head cause I couldn‘t decide on which strategy to go for. Serum is the most important product in my routine so . Using the Avene thermal water spray daily it‘s on my must trusted ingredients – so when my serum ran out and I was all confused I went for my safe card.

This serum promises to restore radiance and diminish fine lines/wrinkles and of course loads of hydration. And I think it works – it‘s no miracle worker – if you want your wrinkles to disappear you have to go for botox (I‘m just not there). But my skin looks and feels very hydrated. Using it during the cold months hasn‘t been a problem in term of hydration and it has been sufficient. Also I like that it gets absorbed very fast. Minus? My pump bottle broke literally one week after I got this serum so using it was a bit of a technical difficulty.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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