Biotherm Aquasource Everplump Smoothing Moisturizer Review



My face becomes super soft after use.


You can‘t pile make-up on top.


Hello this is your acne prone friend again! I was looking for a day cream which only gives hydration but no fat/oil and marries well with a good layer of make-up on top. And important was also that the cream would not clog my pores. So I got this one. The problem is that when I applied powder on top of the cream – the cream rolled off my face as thin make-up sausages. So it was not really worth the money. This, one would think would be the end of the story – but no nooo I don‘t give up and I returned to my local Biotherm desk asking for direction. They recommended me to use a smaller quantity of the cream – this did not help. Now I‘m stuck with this superexpensive cream which I can‘t use. This cream also has a very strong scent – for me it‘s ok but I can imagine it could be a problem for others. Don‘t buy it if you have oily skin since you will probably have problems with absorbing it too. The sad thing is that besides hydration the commercial for this cream promises fast absorption. I have tried waiting up to 20 minutes before applying my make-up but still the same effect of make-up coming off my face.

The cream itself feels very pleasent on and really plumbs my skin, giving it a very nice glow. But I use make-up daily so this cream is not compatible with my routine.


Value for money: starstarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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