Review of Orofluido Hair Oil

Pros:  Long-lasting and makes your hair soft and shiny just like in a hair commercial. Cons:  That the oil comes in a glass bottle. More:  I love to believe in oils, so I keep on buying them, expecting miracles. This one didn’t disappoint.  First of all I have been using this oil 3-4 times a week […]

Our best hair products – the complete list

It‘s no secret hair products take up a lot of space on this blog. Therefore we decided to compose a list of our all time favourite hair products: Best hair mask –Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Reparative hair pak – I have been using this mask for the past two years and ALWAYS return to it – actually its […]


Pros: Smells delicious. Cons: Makes my hair oily if I just use a tiny tiny bit too much – and I have very thick hair – this shouldn‘t happen. More: This oil smells completely delicious – like you just got out of a hair salon and got showered with flowers (synthetic flowers but still). It‘s […]

Moroccan Oil Dry Body Oil Review

Pros: Easy to apply and gets absorbed quickly. Cons: Doesn‘t help the dries parts of my chicken skin. More: Well I am probably the last person on earth who hasn‘t tried the actual super hyped Moroccan hair oil (because I have my favourites and this time I‘m not cheating..maybe). But when I heard they started […]