Pros: Smells delicious. Cons: Makes my hair oily if I just use a tiny tiny bit too much – and I have very thick hair – this shouldn‘t happen. More: This oil smells completely delicious – like you just got out of a hair salon and got showered with flowers (synthetic flowers but still). It‘s […]

HH SImonsen Web Brush midi Review

Pros: Weights next to nothing and has the same great qualities as the original wet brush. Cons: The price is closer to the big version, which migth be a bummer. More: As you all know, the original Wet Brush was a game change for me (at least in the hair game), it really gave my […]

HH Simonsen Boss Blow Dryer Review

Pros: My hair looks very nice after use aka it actually looks like I have a hairdo. Cons: This blow dryer weight a lot, so you can‘t really bring it with you anywhere. More: I figured since I spend soo much money on hair products, maybe I should also blow dry my hair in style […]

HH Simonsen Hair Spray Review

Pros: Smells great and does not make my hair feel heavy. Cons: Not always helpful in making all my hairdos stay in place. More: I use hair spray after straightening my hair, and have tried quite a few of them. I really like that extra help to make my hair look perfect (as if I […]

HH Simonsen True Divinity Hair Straightener Review

Pros: That it switches itself off if not used for 60 minutes. Cons: Price More: I am super proud of my crazy lion hair. But sometimes I prefer going for the sleeker, more sophisticated look and I let my hair tag along for the transformation. I remember first time I straightened my hair. It was […]

HH Simonsen Rod VS3 Hair Curler Review

Pros: Gives you nice curls, which last til the next day. Cons: The price. More: I do not curl my hair very often, but when I do I like it to look natural. HH Simosen, have 9 different hair curlers which can give you different types of curls. The VS3 gives “medium” type of curls. First of […]

HH Simonsen: The Shine Brush Review

Pros: Makes my hair shiny and happy. Cons: Hard to clean. More: After my success story with the Wet Brush from Danish HH Simonsen, I was keen on repeating it and giving my hair a treat after getting through a long cold winter so shiny and soft (thank you hair…and hair oils).  This brush is […]

HH Simonsen The Wet Brush Review

Pros: It´s cheap and it does make a big difference to how your hair looks before and after usage (in the great way). Cons: It´s bottom is made of garment which makes it hard to clean as it dries slowly. More: This brush has literally changed my life. But before you rush out to buy […]