DanishSkinCare Clean Skin Face Wash Review

Pros: Doesn‘t contain any skin irritating ingredients. Cons: The price is more in the expensive end… More: We have previously raved about the Smooth Skin Treatment from DanishSkinCare, and have continued using their products ever since discovering that they could help our blackheads go away (blackheads are my skins worst enemy). This facial cleanser is […]

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser Review

Pros: No problems with break-outs despite its heavy texture. Cons: Smells of detergent. More: My mum gave me this cleanser for christmas – in a smaller package (30 ml). That lasted me about 2,5 months – which I think is good. The cleanser feels more like a cream, and you need a lot per use […]


Pros: Very nice and creamy texture Cons: Smells of a pharmacy, and thats bad bad bad. More: I have never really had a specific relationship towards cleansers, usually I just use something cheap which doesn’t kill my eyes or dry out my skin too much. Blogging about beauty products, has made me beyond critical to […]

Murad: Refreshing Cleanser

  Pros: I love that this Murad cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin or sting in my eyes when I remove mascara using it. Also, you only have to use a little amount of cleanser each time, meaning that the relatively large tube lasts long. Cons: Murad is pretty expensive (especially in Denmark – In […]

Eau Thermale Avène Micellar Lotion Review

Pros: Makes my skin feel very clean and bright. Cons: More expensive outside of France. More: French pharmacy products are my safe happy place – they are the ones I turn to when I get tired of complicated beauty (like all those new products and technologies we are constantly being bombarded with). Getting clearer skin, […]