The Beauty Truth is one of the only place you will get the truth on beauty products. Unlike magazines, featured blog posts and commercials, we are here to serve you and not to promote the products.

We were tired of using tons of money on new beauty products that told us they were better than all the existing ones. Why use tons of money on trying out new products, when we already did it for you (and we are just a tiny bit broke now).

We will give our sincere opinion on the products we are testing, and we hope that it will help you buy the right products for you and save money.

We want to reveal if the mascara really gives you “faux lashes effect”, if the shampoo really “makes your hair look stronger and more voluminous”, if the new wrinkle cream really “makes you look 10 years younger in only 40 days” and if that new foundation really “matches your skin color and covers up blemishes”.

We hope you enjoy!


Please remember that all the reviews, ratings and statements on this site are subjective, and that they are the opinion of the person who did the review.


Contact: thebeautytruthcom@gmail.com

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      1. Which oil? The one from Orofluido? Dont know whats in it, but it worked great for my hair, you get a huge bottle for the money, recommend it:)


  1. Thank you for following Indifferent Ignorance! I love your site, it’s so refreshing to see ‘normal’ people review beauty products. I’ll definitely be returning for my Saving Face project. 🙂


    1. Dear Francesca, thanks for following us, we are happy that you like our site:) We really like your blog, keep up the good work:)


  2. I’m already loving this blog! Totally going to be trying out some of your recommendations in the near future!

    Keep it up! I can’t wait to read more!

    Thanks, Boo x

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  3. Hi Mary! Just letting you know, it’s very hard to find where under your posts I can leave a reply. I wanted to leave one but never found the icon.

    I would love to hear your opinion on what regimen I can use for a face that has never really been washed on a daily basis. I wash it when I take a shower daily, and use African Black Soap, but other than that I don’t wash my face. I just never really invested the time in finding a good face cleanser. I have a tiny bit of acne (it used to be much worse, but I think I aged out of it), and believe the remaining acne is from what I eat. I would love to have a face that emanates health. My skin is combination.

    Any thoughts?

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    1. Hej Alexandra, we know its a pain to find how to comment, but thats just the wordpress layout unfortunately:P how old are you? if you want a good cleanser I would recommend anything from Nivea, since you say your skin is sensitive maybe pay a visit to your closest pharmacy and see what they have for sensitive skin? With cleansers you dont usually see a big difference between high and low priced cleaning stuff:) Also I think you should definitely get a tonic too:) Have a great sunday and hope it helped a bit:) /Mary


  4. Thanx for liking my post and thank you for making this blog, there are so many product and they can be very expensive. I try out all kinds of stuff because I have thin curly hair which gets too heavy if I use too much products and it dries out during the day or gets oily real fast. Thanx 😀

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    1. Hej Mulderrrr, we are so happy you like us:) Makes our day:) We have many hair product reviews coming out in march to keep your eyes open and have a great weekend;)


  5. Hey,
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  6. I want to ask about HH Simonsen. I´m trying to find out which country other than denmark sell this product. I live in Iceland and they cost so much here. Where do you buy them, in which country are you?


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