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We all have different backgrounds, skin types, hair types and things we love in a product. You might find an author that have the same hair type as you, and hence you want to read that person’s reviews on hair products. If you would like to become an author or want us to review a product, please throw us an email.


Anna M.

Anna M. is a business person with love for beauty products. Since a teenager, she has used tons of money on beauty products. Many of them turned out not to live up to the promises and was therefore a waste of money.

She has straight, brown hair with a tendency to become greasy/oily the day after she washed it.

Anna uses a light (not too heavy) foundation or sun powder plus a black mascara when leaving her home. Some days she leaves out the mascara or forgets to put it on. At parties she might go wild with a bit of blush and some black eye liner.


Mary B.

Mary B. is a medicine student with big curly hair. She loves to try out new products and she normally leaves the house with some blush and a red/brown lipstick on her lips. Mascara, concealer and blush is all she uses of make-up – but she is crazy about creams: face or body, doesn’t matter, she has tried it.

Mary loves oils and hair masks, and has tried every product out there to keep her hair stay shiny. Being tired of giving away “wrong” products to her sister she just wants the rest of us to save our money and go travelling instead. She has dry and sensitive skin and washes her hair once a week otherwise it turns greasy. Having experienced a horror with spots caused by foundation she stays away from it and is constantly looking for something to make those pores vanish.


Guest Beauty Fairy

These are out guest bloggers – people we know and trust, sharing their highs and lows in the beauty world.


8 thoughts on “Authors

  1. Hello Mary B. Thank you for your beautiful blog, it really helps me to find right products! But what about your sis? Does she reacts the same way as you and get pimples from your “wrong” products? Anyway, you should try “Absolut torr”- an antiperspirant that gave me the worste rash ever and my arpits are right now red as an orangutangs ass. So it would really help me if would write an review on that Product! thank you and good luck with your blog! xoxo

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  2. Hi,
    Just wondering if anna has any follow-up reviews on that dermaroller purchase from last year? very interested to know if it went ahead! and if not, also interested to know why e.g if it was too painfull or hard to keep up?
    I can’t find the part 2 (hopefully im not just blind).
    Thanks.I.A!! (& thanks for making this site!)


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