Review of Make-Up Stores Cover-all Concealer



Covers very well and lasts for years.


For the first time in this blogs history, we do not have a con.


For the past seven years I have used this little jar of magic concealer almost daily to cover a superficial vein on my nose and sometimes an occasional pimpel, which shows up to remind of my youth. Also I use it to cover up red skin. Why do I call it magical you wonder? Because it has not yet run out, and I tell you the jar is small, but then again you do not need much because it covers very well. It looks very natural despite having a consistency of a thick cream and it blends into the skin very well. This concealer is very cheap, and almost free if you think about how many zillion times I have used it.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarstar

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Best and Worst beauty products of 2017 – the complete list


Dear Readers,

We love our annual lists of what was a game-changer and what we should have said no to. Here it is, enjoy (and avoid our mistakes)!

The best...

The lemon dream of the year goes to this one.

This mascara was not only wallet friendly but also the best we tried in 2017!

Our best budget buy was this charcoal mask.

This enzyme peel changed our skin game…

Our favourite Kiehl‘s product was this one.

This hair serum saved the (hair)day…

…and this foundation saved our face!

This fruity magic mask was our best splurge of the year.

The pore size reducing miracle we got hocked on..

The worst

The most overhyped product we wished we didn‘t splurge on is this Oribe spray.

This face cleanser we will never go back to..

…neither will we ever splurge on this hand cream (which did nothing for our dry hand)..

The prize of the most overhyped brand goes to Aesop big time (just read this and this review)!

This Clinique powder disappointed big time..

…and so did this foundation (if you have oily skin read this – to know what to stay away from!!).

The shampoo that did nothing for our hair was this one..

The lip balm everyone should stay away from is here.

Cetaphil did not really live up to the hype, just read here..

This was the list for 2017 – let us know which favourites you had and have a lovely 2018!

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream-Mask Review



Makes my skin feel very hydrated.


No extra benefits to my skin but hydration.


I think that 2017 will be all about aloe vera for me. 2016 was a year when I obsessed about rose and lavender (and still do a bit) – bit this year I feel like the calming ingredients should calm my skin instead of my hurricane mind. So therefore I got this mask – after being in the sun the first to months of 2017 (lucky me) – I felt like my skin needed some extra hydration, and this mask was pretty reasonable priced so I couldn‘t resist.

Verdict: the mask is like a fat cream. I doesn‘t irritate my skin, and you only need a thin layer. Results: very smooth, calm and hydrated skin. Just like one would expect after a fat face cream (except fat face creams usually make me break out so I prefer this mask).


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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Origins Out of Trouble Mask Review



Smell of camphor makes me believe this is really working.

Really keeps its promises to reduce grease and works as anti-inflamatory.


Take care on more sensitive areas, and avoid using where it is not needed, as is might dry out and stress the skin.


Winter is coming, and that means bye bye glowey, healty, easy going skin.. And welcome increasingly greasy, grey skin with random pimple outbursts on cheeks, that never ever heal. Winter for me is tough, one should think that scandinavian genes would have prepared us for month on month with no sunlight… But winter always fucks up my skin. And while I cover up my unshaven legs in layers of pantyhoes and jeans, my face is the only thing I need to take care of. SO one of the things I struggle with during winter is greasy skin with the occasional pimples that wont go away.  In my search for a mask that actually shows results, I stumbled over this one. And let me say, it is efficient. Almost too efficient, by that I mean, it can be a bit harsh on the skin, so I only use it on trouble area (in my case forehead). Once a week, or when needed, and the effect is long lasting – but that I mean that it reduced grease and works in an anti-inflammatory way – making my skin less prone to break-outs.  This mask almost feels pharmaceutical withs its potpourri of all the famous ingredients, that say bye bye pimples and grease: zink oxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, and camphor! This smell just says, “this is working!”.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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DanishSkinCare Smooth Skin Treatment Review



Reduces pores and black spots. Decreases the amount of pimples I have.


Not suitable for sensitive skin


I bought this skin tonic as I read some remarkable stories from girls who were helped for their pimples and black heads. It also claimed that it could reduce poresize. Since I am 30 years pimples are luckily rare i my face. But I have struggled with large pores and black heads since I was a teenager.  So this was last step, and I really think it have helped my skin thanks to effective ingredients like salicylic acid and niacinamide. The first two or the times I used it my sensitive skin turned irritated and red, but after some days use my skin tolerated it. I can recommend it to people with not sensitive skin, who struggle with teenage skin and black spots and pores. Seriously they can really make you miserable – especially when many and uncontrollable.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup Review



The package lasts for loooong.


Is‘t absorbed on naturally oily skin.


I‘m the beauty fairy with the problem oily acne prone skin (read some of my previous reviews here and here – describing my journey looking for the best make-up for my pain in the a… skin). This foundation is supposed to be oil controlling and absorb shine, saying that is “wears beautifully all day”.  First and foremost it is not light-weighted (as promised) – but rather thick in its texture. Secondary it is not absorbed but rather travels my face on top of my natural oil – those of you who have oily skin you get this – for the rest of you lucky people: my make-up is moved around because this foundation does not absorb the oil at all. Thirdly if you use a powder on top of this foundation you look like horrible like the most unnatural one can look with make-up on ever. Not recommended unless its Halloween. This foundation together with the anti-blemish solutions make-up – are the two products Clinique make for problem prone skin – and honestly none of these two are good in my opinion. But I prefer the anti-blemish foundation to this one since it feels lighter on my skin and doesn‘t move around my face as much during the day.


Value for money:starnostarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starnostarnostarnostarnostar

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Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation Review



Nice package.


Looks pretty unnatural.


It got tricked. I walked into the store looking for a transparent oil absorbing powder – but came out with a powder foundation plus concealer powder. What was I thinking ? I was not thinking obviously and I was tricked.  I think sometimes the salespeople speak to our inner selves – the salesperson that day was just trying to cover up my acne for me.

Verdict: this powder covers up well, you get 14,5 grams of powder per package (usually you get 9). The package is pretty, functional, and has a big mirror. The powder is supposed to hydrate dry parts of the skin, but instead of giving a nice matte touch, my skin turns shiny and oily within a few hours after the use of this powder. The powder piles up on my skin and looks very unnatural.


Value for money:starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarnostarnostarnostar

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Happy new year lovelies, we have made a small list of what we loved and worshipped this year:

The facial oil of this year that brought our face out of the winter darkness..

This is where we got out grapefruit fix from in 2016…

The splurge of the year – which was well worth it..

This body oil made our bathroom feel like a warm coconut beach vacation all year long

The lavender oil that puts us to bed like babies was a favourite during this sleep deprived year.

This serum made our year a biiiiit prettier

The budget product of the year was … look here.

The hair brush which became our favourite hair thing in 2016..

…but this one also did wonders to our hair.

And WHAT WE DID NOT LIKE (wasted our money on):

The powder from hell…

The face mask which did nothing of what it promised (see the full list of face masks we won‘t repurchase here).

The ecological lemongrass disappointment of 2016 goes to this shea body butter

This rose lip balm made us (and our wallet) very very sad.

The scrubb which robbed us and made no difference to out skin!

The Kiehl‘s disappointment of the year was this one.

The foundation that made us look beyond unnatural and was just not worth a penny of our hard earned salary.

Thank you for a great 2016 and we are looking forward to guide you through the beauty jungle for another marvellous year!

Beauté Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask Review


Good mask option for girls and guys with problem skin.


Doesn‘t clean out my pores.


Beauté Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask is a white creamy clay mask that gives you fresh looking skin after use. It has a mild fruity scent which is nice and understated. It apparently has a unisex appeal as my boyfriend has used up half the tube! As for deep pore cleansing, I haven’t ever found clay masks particularly ground breaking, and this one isn’t either. They just can’t do the same as scrubs or medical products but they can reduce shine and astringe pore-size. This one has an added calming cooling effect on the skin which feels great, and isn’t too drying unlike many clay masks. I also like the fact that it’s white so it doesn’t make a huge mess around the sink when I splash it off. The mask isn’t too harsh on sensitive or acne-prone skin, so it’s also a good home-spa option for delicate winter skin.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarnostar

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