Budget Tips: Olive oil and sea salt body scrub

This body scrub is ridiculously simple all you need is olive oil and sea salt. There is a big chance you have both of these ingredients in your kitchen which makes it even more alluring. Just mix these two in about a ratio of two to one, though add a bit of extra salt if you feel your skin needs it.The oil makes your skin soft while the salt rubs all those dead cells away. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

If you want a DIY scrub but are prepared to add some extra ingredients, then check out this brilliant scrub or my favourite coffee scrub.



So this has been a pretty shitty cold winter, and we only have one month to go (please winter gods please please). Therefore I thought I‘d share the products which saved my skin this winter..and also what compromised it.

My big DOs:

This oil deserves a beauty Oscar.

This was the best DIY for dry and cracked lips that did what no products could do.

(Budget) Lavender was the best remedy after a cold day.

The best peeling ever only has one cheap ingredient.

I (almost) stopped using hair oil thanks to these two..

..But when I did use oil this one was my saviour.

This splurge was well worth it.

My big NOOOOs: 

I do not get the hype around this mask.

This hair mask left me wishing for more.

This elixir should have contained more magic.

This mascara made my lashes go uuuuuh.

This Kiehls product was a waste of my money.

So this was my winter in a nutshell. Share yours in the commentary field!


The best and worst beauty products of 2015 – the complete list

Happy new year lovelies, we have made a small list of what we liked and disliked this year:

Best budget product ever.

Best hair leave in treatment.

The DIY of the all.

The hair mask that changed our hair game.

The splurge of the year.

Best thing for your eyes (hey sexy cat eyes).

The oil that doesn‘t kill sensitive skin.

Best foundation to hide our pimples.

Algeas became our new favourite put-in-my-face thing, how random and awkward, but great result.

The body lotion of the body lotions that has been nourishing and loving to our winter skin.


Let this one stay away from your lashes.

This serum can stay where it belongs – far away from our face.

The body butter that left us wondering what the hell.

Our hands cried of anger after this one ( This one was pretty bad too though).

The splurge we regretted.

The concealer we will never repurchase.

Our lips were so mad with us after we used this one.

Thank you for a great 2015 and we are looking forward to guide you through another exciting year!

Budget Tip: Self-made freshening linnen spray

This linnen spray is cheap and quick to make, and it will make your IKEA sheets smell like a million bucks. Spritz on your pillows and covers before bed to calm your mind and send you into a lavender induced sleep. The combination of lavenders antiseptic and aromatherapy properties, a nice drink of water and all that sleep will transform your tired face into the porcelain perfection of sleeping beauty. Also perfect for the funky insides of your gym bag (because you know it smells).


3 oz of isopropyl alcohol (bought in pharmacy)

12 oz distilled water (if use tap water boil first)

30 drops lavender essential oil


Add lavender oil to alcohol. Mix well and then pour into distilled water. Transfer the complete mix to the spray bottle of your choice and spritz away.

Bonus Tip:

Try other essential oil scents to make your individual spray.