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November is a gloom month (Christmas is not quit there yet, and everything is just so grey..)…therefore, we would like to treat you readers! We are giving away 5 smooth skin treatments from DanishSkinCare (worth 45 dollars each).

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DanishSkinCare is a Danish beauty start-up having gained national stardom producing remedies against blackheads and unclean skin. Their smooth skin treatment can be used as a tonic and will diminish blackheads and other impurities – we love it and you can read our full review here.

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Rudolph Care A Hint of Summer Self Tanning Drops Review



Gives my skin a great glow.


The price.


I have super beyond pale face – not matter how much time I spend in the sun – the sun never calls my number back (you get the deal). So after I returned home, after 3 weeks of summer vacations in Italy, and my skin looked like I‘ve spent it in a cellar – I decided that, something radical must happen!

Previously using self-tanning products has always turned into a disaster for me. So I had to go for a bulletproof plan (I could not afford more white shirts being ruined or striped legs). Having been a fan of Danish Rudolph Care for a few years – and had high hopes for these self tanning drops (the owner of the brand Andrea, always has the perfect glow so I figured I want that too). You use these drops in your night cream, I use one drop a day in the beginning and now I‘m on two drops. The drops mix easily into my night cream. The result – I have been getting a lot of compliments for my glow – considering I‘m pregnant (and feel like a water buffalo 90% of the time) – I‘m pretty thrilled! It looks very natural, and no stripes – which is a huge plus for me!


Value for money:starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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