Eucerin Aquaporin Active Cream Review



Gives great hydration.


No anti-wrinkle properties.


This cream worked great for me – I have very dry skin, that likes to transform into oily skin (due to all the dryness) which causes huge break-outs. So my mission has been to find a cream which provides me with only moisture but no “fat”, and this cream does that for me.  It‘s very light in texture and can be used both during the winter and the summer, and I use it as a day and night cream (because I‘m on a budget).

This cream was one of my weapons when I decided to try to get rid of my break-outs/acne without medication. And it worked. I also used African black soap, the enzyme peel by Emma S and tea tree oil.

What are the minuses? The cream has no anti-wrinkle active ingredients, just pure hydration.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Redken Extreme CAT Protein Treatment Review



Doesn‘t smell bad.


Does nothing for my hair.


I have really coarse, curly and dry hair that I flat-iron weekly and therefore needs all the love in the world. I was pursued to by this product from a hairdresser to get a stronger, healthier and more wear-resistant hair but I can’t notice any difference on my hair. At all. It promises to reconstruct and recondition my hair – and to add weight immediately – nothing of that happened. I would not recommend buying this product unless you like to play the lottery – or just have some money you want to waste – literally.


Value for money: nostarnostarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: nostarnostarnostarnostarnostar

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Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base Review



Covers up my red rosacea skin well.


The price.


I suffer from mild rosacea and use this base on my noose and checks to cover up redness. I apply this green coloured base, and then cover up with foundation on top. The package lasts for ages and you don‘t need much per use. The coverage is good and I feel that a good part of my redness is covered up well using this base. So I would definitely recommend this base if you have mild rosacea – but if you skin condition is more “serious” this coverage won‘t help you. I have used it on top of spots and smaller pimples and the coverage was good then too.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Is Dermaroller Really a Miracle Maker? (Part 1)

For the past months I have been looking into the Dermaroller treatment. I have some scars and red spots on my cheeks that I would like to get rid of once and for all. I have researched for a long time on the best and least damaging treatments, and I came across the Dermaroller treatment.

My stupid scars

The scars and red spots on my cheeks has been annoying me since I got them (from a sudden, bad acne outbreak when I was around 20). Even though the scars I have are not that big and noticeable with makeup on, they’re still there. And I’m very conscious about them. Fx. I mostly have my hair down (and not so much in pony tail or bun) to cover the scars and red dots on my cheeks. I would just love if I could make them go away without any treatments that might cause scars (like laser). If this treatment lives up to its promises, it would help me minimise – or perhaps even get rid of – these scars.

Dermaroller results

Dermaroller is supposed to be good for treating acne, minimising scars, pores, sun damages (pigmentation), wrinkles and in general rejuvenating skin.

There’s both a Dermaroller home kit and a clinical treatment. Both are expensive, but if they really provide the results that they claim, I would way it’s worth it.

Here’s some of the results (before/after pics) that I found online:

Screenshot 2015-03-04 21.34.47

How does the Dermaroller work?

The Dermaroller is like a small fakir roll: It has a lot of small needles that you roll over your skin. The needles make thousands of very small wholes that cause a degradation of your skin, which then actives re-generation of new skin, that in the end result in rejuvenated skin (source). In short you “damage”/irritate your skin by making a lot of small wholes with the needles on the Dermaroller. This will stimulate your skin and make it heal and re-generate new skin: “The skin is lightly punctured creating a “perceived” injury, and the body responds by producing new skin cells to heal the surface.” (Read more about the science behind the Dermaroller here)

I’m always sceptical/critical to what I read online, and I’m a firm believer in scientific research (I have an academic background after all) and testing things out myself before I’m convinced. 

Therefore, I’m going to give the Dermaroller treatment a try and tell you guys my experience. 100% honesty.

Which type of Dermaroller should I use?

It seems that there’s a lot of different Dermarollers out there, from cheap ones on Amazon to really expensive ones. When it comes to making thousands of wholes in my skin whit small needles, I don’t want to take any chances. Therefore, I did my research before even thinking about fakir-rolling on my face: I’ve googled around, browsed 30+ websites, asked dermatologists and doctors, and stopped by a couple of treatment clinics, where they offer scar-treatments, to ask for their advice.

My conclusion is that I want to use the Dermaroller 8 with Serum 8. The majority of beauty clinics in Denmark offer the Dermaroller 8 treatment, and the company seems very professional. The skin will need a lot of hydration after the treatment and the Serum 8 seems to provide a lot of benefits, while hydrating and helping the skin to regenerate itself.

This is what you get with the Dermaroller 8 home kit:

It comes in a nice looking box that also includes a small black travel bag, so that you can take the kit with you when needed.

I’m going to try the Dermaroller Serum8 homekit and have clinical Dermaroller treatments done because some of my scars are deep and will not go away by using the homekit only. The treatment will take several months. I will use the Dermaroller Serum8 home kit several times a week and then “supply” with clinical treatment to get the best results.


In the next post I will describe my first encounter with the Dermaroller and post my before pictures (this will take some courage)…