Försvarets Hudsalva Review


Cheap and great for all dry areas on your body.


Mostly available at swedish pharmacies. It costs about 3 dollars there, so please do not buy this at french Colette for 10!!


Tired of my local pharmacies, I headed over to Sweden for some serious shopping. Here I found a long lost friend (and a favourite of my beauty guru grandmother) the Försvarets hudsalva, roughly translated into skin ointment of the army. So what is it then? It’s a soft stick made of tallow and peanut oil, first manufactured by request from the swedish army, wanting a remedy against blisters for their soldiers.

Today its a swedish classic, having its own wikipedia page. I consider it a great budget alternative (it costs around 3 dollars and lasts for months) to lip balm, which can come in handy when you have rough skin patches and also when out in cold temperatures for a long time. It works good for me and I see a result when applying it to the rest of my skin.

Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Budget Tip: Coconut oil

Ok I know – EVERY blogger out there uses coconut oil, loves it and can’t stop writting about it. Which is also how I discovered it.  Now I have tried using it as a hair mask – and to be honest it was rather avarage, it doesn’t work as a quick fix – it has to stay on for hours and hours before you see any result and by then you and your sheets are tired of the smell of Pina Colada.

But it is worth using it on your skalp, I have a horribly dry skalp and have tried tons of pharmacy products with no success and therefor I now religiously massage in the oil and leave it for hours, embracing the hours I have to spend washing it out. Also it is a zillion cheaper than this product, and works much better.

Summary: great for very dry body parts, pretty tedious as a hair mask due to the hours you have to leave it in.

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