ACO Body Lotion Wild Honey Review



Very hydrating.


Takes a while to get absorbed.


This is yet again one of those beauty products my boyfriend stole from me – and I haven‘t seen it ever since. I got this body lotion to make sure my skin would‘t get the texture of old paper after our sunny vacation – and it has worked very well (boyfriend agrees). It was also friendly to my post-vacation (and too many shopping trips) wallet – which one could say has suffered enough for 2017…

The lotion has a discreet sweet smell, and makes my post-tan skin very hydrated. Its very fat in texture, due to this it takes a while to get absorbed. The bottle lasts me a few months and I would definitely recommend this one to any girlfriend whose boyfriend likes to steal her expensive bathroom goodies – its much cheaper this way.


Value for money:starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarnostar

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