Avène Trixera Nutri-fluid Cleanser Review



Makes my skin very soft after use – I almost don‘t need my body lotion after use (saves me soo much time).


You need a lot per use.


So winter is here and my whole body is saying no to me by being extremely dry: my hair is very very dry, my eyes medium dry, my skin pretty dry (my humour not so dry…I think..or hope?). Anyways I‘m doing everything I can to make it easier for me to get out of bed every day: I do my sheet masks, I do my hair masks, I do the fat body lotions and then of course the oils. But then I realised that I had a blind spot in my routine – my soaps (I have too many of them, don‘t even want to talk about it) – which I don‘t choose by their effect on my skin but by their smell (preferably rose, lemon or lavender). Soaps do dry out skin – it‘s common knowledge (read about why here), so I decided to try something new – to get a body soap which wouldn‘t require me using thick layers of body lotion after showering.

This Avene cleanser is soap free (I told you guys Avene is my safe place and where I head for my good basics), and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated. I think the price is fair considering a bottle is 400 ml and the only minus I see is that you need a lot per use. Of course I sometimes glance at my old soaps in the bath –  missing their strong smell (which made me feel like a 100 year old lady with no sense for when enough perfume is enough), but knowing that I‘m doing my skin some good makes me feel great, so I will not switch back until these epic months of extreme dryness are over.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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