L:A Bruket Sea Salt Scrub Sage / Rosemary / Lavender Review



Contains a lot of oil which makes my skin very soft after use – no need to use a body oil or body lotion.


The scrub could be “rougher” on my skin (I like my skin to hurt a bit after a proper scrub).


Those of you whom have followed us for a while know about our L:A Bruket obsession and that we can‘t get enough of these Swedish good ingredients beauty products which make us feel like a zillion (and like queens of all things natural obviously). This time we have gotton our hands on the Lavender/ Sage / Rosemary body scrub and here are our thoughts: the scrub is made of fine salt, it smells delicious mainly of rosemary and leaves our skin very smooth. The salt is drained in oil so our skin feels very hydrated and supersoft after use – which is great since most scrubs leave you itchy and in immediate need of body lotion / body oil. Negatives: the scrub could have contained bigger salt grains in order for one to really feel a more “rough” scrub.


Value for money:starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarnostar

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Rituals Rice Scrub Review


Smells very nice.


Doesn‘t exfoliate my skin enough.


I like to use my DIY homemade scrubs  but I got this one as a gift from my mum, who loves the smell of everything from Rituals. My first impression was that I too really like the smell of this scrub – despite not really understanding what it smells of – it‘s supposed to smell off “white rice and oriental orange blossom” (which is a pretty weird description since rice doesn‘t really have a smell, does it?). Anyways, a good scrub to me is one that can basically peel my skin off, and this scrub is like a body lotion – soft and pleasant but not real effect. It is nice if you want to have a very very very mild scrub, but if you are looking for some effect and a way to make sure your tan is even this summer this is simply not it. The only positive thing about this scrub is its smell and that you smell pleasant after using it (for those two minutes that the smell lingers on your skin).


Value for money: starstarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises:starnostarnostarnostarnostar

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Budget Tips: Olive oil and sea salt body scrub

This body scrub is ridiculously simple all you need is olive oil and sea salt. There is a big chance you have both of these ingredients in your kitchen which makes it even more alluring. Just mix these two in about a ratio of two to one, though add a bit of extra salt if you feel your skin needs it.The oil makes your skin soft while the salt rubs all those dead cells away. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

If you want a DIY scrub but are prepared to add some extra ingredients, then check out this brilliant scrub or my favourite coffee scrub.


Budget tip: Home-made sugar coffee scrub

I have more then once been disappointed by body scrubs purchased in stores. Getting this recipe from a friend with ultra soft skin I really liked how soft my skin turned after using it once, and the fact that these ingredients are cheap and that they can be found in most kitchen cupboards. If you think this scrub contains way too many ingredients then check this one out instead.

You need the following: 

Sugar 05, dl

Ground coffee 0,5 dl

Olive oil 0,5  table spoon

Coconut oil 1 table spoon

Sea salt 1 table spoon

Enjoy and tell me how you liked it!