The Best Oils For Face and Body List

Having a creepy and unhealthy (but ooh soo fabulous) and addictive relationship with oils I‘ve been going pretty wild these past years and tried to purchase everything for my body and face in oil form. Here is my top list:

  1. Best hair oil ever is this one – affordable and bottle last for a year at least, the only thing that helps when your hair is dying for a cut.
  2.  My favourite body oil smells of lavender, great before bed for a calming effect both for my soul and my legs (whom are scared they will never see the day light due to their chicken skin look).
  3. Cleansing your face with oil became a dream with this cleansing oil, it smells of childhood and the bottle last for many months plus I love to support a good entrepreneur.
  4. Despite its fishy smell I love love love what this oil does for my face during the winter.
  5. The best budget oil out there – almost free and makes you soft like a baby.
  6. This French shower oil is a true treat.

I would like to say I haven‘t meet an oil I didn‘t like but that would be a big fat lie – don‘t try this oil at home beauties.

Review of Emma S Cleansing Oil



Takes away make-up very well and can be used as a “semi-oil”.


You get a lot of oil per pump.


This is my first cleansing oil (this blog contains many firsts and I am very happy to have you with me on this adventure of beauty dear readers).

First and foremost I really love the smell of this oil, the smell reminds me of my grandmothers creams and sun oils, and therefore lazy summer days spent on the country side. Secondly it works great on my skin. Normally my skin likes to break out when I use oils, but I have not noticed anything like that, using this cleansing oil. Sometimes when I feel like I need a break from my evening routine I just use this cleanser, and no tonic afterwards and skip the creams, and the result is my skin still feels hydrated. It removes make-up very well (even when you accidentally smudge mascara on your forehead). The only minus is the price and that you get much more then needed per pump.

Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money:starstar starnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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