Best and Worst beauty products of 2017 – the complete list


Dear Readers,

We love our annual lists of what was a game-changer and what we should have said no to. Here it is, enjoy (and avoid our mistakes)!

The best...

The lemon dream of the year goes to this one.

This mascara was not only wallet friendly but also the best we tried in 2017!

Our best budget buy was this charcoal mask.

This enzyme peel changed our skin game…

Our favourite Kiehl‘s product was this one.

This hair serum saved the (hair)day…

…and this foundation saved our face!

This fruity magic mask was our best splurge of the year.

The pore size reducing miracle we got hocked on..

The worst

The most overhyped product we wished we didn‘t splurge on is this Oribe spray.

This face cleanser we will never go back to..

…neither will we ever splurge on this hand cream (which did nothing for our dry hand)..

The prize of the most overhyped brand goes to Aesop big time (just read this and this review)!

This Clinique powder disappointed big time..

…and so did this foundation (if you have oily skin read this – to know what to stay away from!!).

The shampoo that did nothing for our hair was this one..

The lip balm everyone should stay away from is here.

Cetaphil did not really live up to the hype, just read here..

This was the list for 2017 – let us know which favourites you had and have a lovely 2018!

Emma S. Treatment Enzyme Peel Review



Makes pimples and black heads disappear.


The price.


I have very soft skin, and rarely have problems with pimples. Though I have blackheads – but if I stay away from the mirror when I‘m wearing my glasses/lenses I actually don‘t see them (and don‘t try to squeeze them out). I have used peeling since I was 16 and I tend to use a cheap Russian scrub containing apricot shell powder – but this mask from Emma S has taken removal of dead skin cells to another level. I use it about 3-4 times a month, and my skin feels baby smooth afterwards. The peeling contains AHA acids and makes your skin tingle, though the package warns you that your skin can turn red I have never experienced that. I use it to remove excess oils and dead cells from my skin.

Since many of your like to read out reviews which aim at acne prone skin and what one does with such problems, I asked my sisters take on this peel which she also uses. She has had a lot of problems with oily skin, acne and blackheads (read more about it here) and here is her take on this mask: First and foremost, a person with acne is not allowed to exfoliate ones skin mechanically (aka with a scrub) but only with peelings – such as acids or enzymes. When I first used it I got surprised that my skin turned warm and red already after 30 minutes – since products this “strong” are usually sold at salons, and not in “regular” cosmetic shops. My face was red for a pretty long while after use – so don‘t use this one when you are heading out somewhere afterwards. After a few uses I saw that my blackheads were reduced in size, and the “small” pimples on my forehead disappeared. It has not changed anything in my acne situation – not for the better or for worst. But I really liked that I can use this chemical peel on my sensitive acne skin and feel and see some result. This peeling is expensive, but the tube lasted me for about 2-3 months when used 1-2 times a week..


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarstar

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