Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation Review



Nice package.


Looks pretty unnatural.


It got tricked. I walked into the store looking for a transparent oil absorbing powder – but came out with a powder foundation plus concealer powder. What was I thinking ? I was not thinking obviously and I was tricked.  I think sometimes the salespeople speak to our inner selves – the salesperson that day was just trying to cover up my acne for me.

Verdict: this powder covers up well, you get 14,5 grams of powder per package (usually you get 9). The package is pretty, functional, and has a big mirror. The powder is supposed to hydrate dry parts of the skin, but instead of giving a nice matte touch, my skin turns shiny and oily within a few hours after the use of this powder. The powder piles up on my skin and looks very unnatural.


Value for money:starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarnostarnostarnostar

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Happy new year lovelies, we have made a small list of what we loved and worshipped this year:

The facial oil of this year that brought our face out of the winter darkness..

This is where we got out grapefruit fix from in 2016…

The splurge of the year – which was well worth it..

This body oil made our bathroom feel like a warm coconut beach vacation all year long

The lavender oil that puts us to bed like babies was a favourite during this sleep deprived year.

This serum made our year a biiiiit prettier

The budget product of the year was … look here.

The hair brush which became our favourite hair thing in 2016..

…but this one also did wonders to our hair.

And WHAT WE DID NOT LIKE (wasted our money on):

The powder from hell…

The face mask which did nothing of what it promised (see the full list of face masks we won‘t repurchase here).

The ecological lemongrass disappointment of 2016 goes to this shea body butter

This rose lip balm made us (and our wallet) very very sad.

The scrubb which robbed us and made no difference to out skin!

The Kiehl‘s disappointment of the year was this one.

The foundation that made us look beyond unnatural and was just not worth a penny of our hard earned salary.

Thank you for a great 2016 and we are looking forward to guide you through the beauty jungle for another marvellous year!

Review of Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation


Really covers up well and still manages to look natural.


Slightly drying and patchy.


This is a thick highly pigmented foundation for body and face. Having suffered from acne which has left its scars, I found this foundation a true life-saver. Buying a nice top, which showed my cleavage and then breaking out on the day of the party where I planned on wearing it, but being able to still wear it since the foundation works so well – was a great confidence booster.

The foundation is fairly natural looking, though being very thick and can be used on both body and face. The price is reasonable and it covers up everything, from pimples, to eczema and varicose veins.  It is very long lasting, and only smudges when you sweat. Overall I truly love this foundation, since it really helped me out when I wanted to cover some of my teenage past up. Since this is a critical blog, I will of course list its minuses: it is slightly drying, exists in few shades, and due to its thickness it can be patchy. Also, if you are very fair skinned, even the “lightest” of the shades available can look orange on you. So please dear Vichy, make more shades so that more girls can dare wearing clothes without feeling self-conscious about skin irregularities ! I really believe that we should all embrace out inner beauty but having been through some acne hell of my own, I really appreciate that there is make-up out there which can help one to feel more confident.

Overall: starstarstarstarstar

Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Murad: Refreshing Cleanser



I love that this Murad cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin or sting in my eyes when I remove mascara using it. Also, you only have to use a little amount of cleanser each time, meaning that the relatively large tube lasts long.


Murad is pretty expensive (especially in Denmark – In the US it’s “only” $32! – which is around half-price).


The Murad cleanser is within the sub-brand “Age Reform”. It is supposed to have a “non-drying formula” that “soothes skin by washing away excess surface oil, makeup, and impurities with softening extracts of Cucumber, Hawaiian White Ginger, and Algae.”

I don’t know how much my skin’s age is “reformed”, but I really like that this cleanser is not over-drying my skin like some other cleansers and makeup removers do. Also, as mentioned above, it doesn’t sting in my eyes when rubbing it in them to remove mascara. I tried others that made my eyes water, red and/or that stung a lot – perhaps they weren’t meant to be used for eyes or my eyes were too sensible. Either way, I don’t want to go through self-torture every time I have to remove mascara. Further, I am not one for having a facial cleanser and an eye makeup remover. I want to be able to use one thing for removing makeup, so this is a good fit for me.

To touch upon the “duration” of this product, it really lasts! As in, “when will this tube be empty!?”. I have used the Murad cleanser almost every single night for at least a month, and I barely see that it is used. I absolutely love products that lasts. I’ve experienced too many (expensive) products that are empty within no time (*cough* YoungBlood *cough*). So even though it’s an expensive cleanser, it’s not that bad in the long run.

Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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Gosh Foundation Primer Classic


Makes your skin feel smooth and facilitates the application of your foundation.


My skin felt a bit greasy being covered in the layers of cream, primer, foundation and make-up.


This primer promises to fill in fine lines and pores, and to make it easier to apply your foundation. Is it true? Well I didn’t see any difference in the appearance of my pores or lines, but I could definitely see that my foundation was coming on easier and stayed intact for longer. If you find it hard to apply foundation evenly this primer can be a big help. It has a nice silky feel and makes your skin feel very smooth but not oily. Why don’t I use it anymore? Because my skin felt too greasy from all these layers of cream, primer and foundation, my skin started breaking out and I stopped using foundations. Why am i writing about it here? Because so many women out there are addicted to their foundations and this product makes your foundation look better and more natural on your skin.

Overall:starstar starstarnostar

Value for money:starstar starstarnostar

Does what it promises:star starstarnostarnostar

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Review of L’ORÉAL New Nude Magique BB Cream




I think the BB Cream looks natural on my skin and it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a “foundation mask” like other foundations do.


The BB Cream doesn’t really cover my imperfections. The dark circles under my eyes are still visible, though a bit “evened out” and you can still spot the red pimple on my forehead. Further, I feel that I need to use a lot of cream in order to make it look even.


A light foundation that promise to be “5 in 1” when it comes to:

  • “flawless coverage”
  • “perfectly even skin texture”
  • “fresh dewy glow”
  • 24h hydration
  • protects with spf 12

Also, it claims to “mimic the texture and glow of perfect bare skin”.

The foundation is light-weight, it gives you an even skin tone and minimises small pimples, dark spots or imperfections. It does not, however, cover these it only evens them a bit out or minimises them. Therefore: If you have red pimples, dark spots under your eyes or anything else you would like to cover up, you should use a concealer with this or another product.

It’s kind of like putting an  “Instagram filter” on your face – but without doing any Photoshop retouching: It makes you look better, but nothing is “retouched” away.

When it comes to the promises of making your skin “flawless”, “perfectly even” and “glowing freshly” they promise way too much. This is a light foundation – not magic fairy dust.

Overall: starstarstarnostarnostar

Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarnostarnostarnostar

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