The best budget beauty products – the complete list


We think that beauty should be simple – one doesn‘t have to spend tons of money to look pretty and feel happy. We all know that the best advice to look and feel splendid are free – tons of sleep, a lot of water and keeping a happy mind. But of course we are no strangers to using a little help – and since we rather spend our money on lattes and pretty dresses we wanted to share our list of budget products that makes us feel like a million bucks for a lot less…

  1. Smooth skin is number one for me personally and though I like expensive lotions and potions I always keep coming back to my favourite budget oilbaby oil – makes your skin fantastically smooth and costs next to nothing (pssst apparently sweet almond oil from the baby department at the french pharmacies is a well kept secret of french beauty..).
  2. If you are one of those girls (or boys) who are into a polished look a good hair brush is a must – the HH Simonsen wet brush – saved my hair and I have been using it ever since. Being ridiculously cheap (around 15 dollars, the cost – per – use is pretty sweet) it is one of my best budget buys EVER.
  3. Since happiness is a must for beauty – in our opinion – at least if you want that glowing  fantastic va-va-voom beauty. I get that from many things in life but one of the is a good relaxing shower (repeat after me: its the small things in life…) – and the Le Petit Marseilles Miel de Lavande shower cream – is my favourite shower gel. This one is hard to find outside of France, costs next to nothing (3 dollars), makes my skin super soft but best of all – smells fantastic of lavendar.
  4. For me a great hair oil is a staple and the Orofluido hair oil – has saved my dry hair. It costs around 20 dollars, but a 100 ml bottle lasted me for about 2,5 years so I still consider it a great investment.
  5. Finally even when on a budget an extra a bit unnecessary but oh so indulgent beauty product can make your bathroom feel a bit more extravagant – that one product for me has been  my bottle of Avene face water – which has stayed with me for the past 2 years. Yes it feels a bit stupid to pay for water, but my bottle has lasted me for over 2 years and god does it feel great to splash ones face with some thermal water and march out to meet the day ahead.



Happy new year lovelies, we have made a small list of what we loved and worshipped this year:

The facial oil of this year that brought our face out of the winter darkness..

This is where we got out grapefruit fix from in 2016…

The splurge of the year – which was well worth it..

This body oil made our bathroom feel like a warm coconut beach vacation all year long

The lavender oil that puts us to bed like babies was a favourite during this sleep deprived year.

This serum made our year a biiiiit prettier

The budget product of the year was … look here.

The hair brush which became our favourite hair thing in 2016..

…but this one also did wonders to our hair.

And WHAT WE DID NOT LIKE (wasted our money on):

The powder from hell…

The face mask which did nothing of what it promised (see the full list of face masks we won‘t repurchase here).

The ecological lemongrass disappointment of 2016 goes to this shea body butter

This rose lip balm made us (and our wallet) very very sad.

The scrubb which robbed us and made no difference to out skin!

The Kiehl‘s disappointment of the year was this one.

The foundation that made us look beyond unnatural and was just not worth a penny of our hard earned salary.

Thank you for a great 2016 and we are looking forward to guide you through the beauty jungle for another marvellous year!




Smells delicious.


Makes my hair oily if I just use a tiny tiny bit too much – and I have very thick hair – this shouldn‘t happen.


This oil smells completely delicious – like you just got out of a hair salon and got showered with flowers (synthetic flowers but still). It‘s easy to apply evenly in hair and gets absorbed quickly – what I don‘t like about it is that it can really make my hair super oily even if I apply a tiny tiny amount, plus even though it has an instant effect of making my hair very soft (in a nice glamorous way ) straight away – this effect wears off pretty quickly (a day to a half).


Value for money:starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarnostarnostarnostar

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Alterna Caviar INTENSE OIL CRÈME SHAMPOO and Deep Conditioner Review



I can go a week without washing my hair when using this duo.


I still need to use my oils to make my hair soft.


I have mixed feeling about this duo – being a huge fan of expensive but “oh soo effective” Alterna I had huge expectations. First and foremost this shampoo and conditioner smell great, they are a bit hard to wash out and lather well. What about the result? Well when using these two I can go for 1 week without washing my hair and it still looks great on the last days. It‘s not very easy to detangle and I don‘t feel that extra moisture which is promised – leaving me a bit disappointed.


Value for money: starstarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarnostarnostar

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Honeys, don‘t forget to sign up to our awesome hair oil give-away by commenting on this post.


Lovelies, don‘t forget to sign up to our awesome hair oil give-away by commenting on this post.


Lovelies, don‘t forget to sign up to our awesome hair care give-away by commenting on this post.


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