Eksperience Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Mask Review



Actually works – frizz disappears.


A bit pricey.


My personal struggle against my frizzy hair goes on (and on and on) – so this mask is one of my latest discoveries. It promises to hydrate and discipline frizzy hair – and I kind of think that it does it very well. It makes my hair extremely soft and my split ends appear more checked. Though since you are only supposed to use a hair mask on your ends and not roots, half of your hair can still be frizzy even though you used the mask – which is tricky. What I hate about frizzy hair is that it makes me feel so dishevelled – you have your perfect outfit, lipstick on and feel on top and then frizzy hair can just kill it in a second.  This mask is a bit pricey but I will definitely re-purchase it – all just to look checked and like I got my s..t together (I know it‘s all in my head but still important it comes from the inside and sips out).


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate Review



The packages lasts for many months.


No visible effects what so ever.


I‘ve used this serum for about 10 months now (on and off, during the summer months I was scared to get some kind of reaction due to the vitamin C in the serum and therefore took a break) – and I still don‘t get it. I bought this serum after a long flight when my skin looked super dehydrated (before I started using sheets on flights, now that problem is solved) and I counted my wrinkles and got scared. I‘m 29 and this serum was my first anti-ageing product. When I was leaving the store the girl who just sold me this serum yelled out “btw you have to use sunscreen when you use that serum” – which was a bummer since I don‘t own any creams with sunscreen, so I had to purchase that too. I guess most beauty bloggers know that vitamin C requires you to use sunscreen, I‘m just not one of them. This serum is supposed to :

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts skin radiance and improves texture
  • Helps visibly minimize pores over time for smoother skin

So what is my verdict after these 10 months of use: I‘m clueless. It doesn‘t really provide my skin with any hydration, but gives me a tickling, burning sensation upon application – making my brain think that there are some active ingredients in it, and that it‘s “working” on removing my wrinkles.  Removing wrinkles is an impossible task, unless your name is botox, so actually I see – not much difference. And no extra glow either. So I‘m pretty disappointed. The only positive is that a package lasts for long but that‘s all. Won‘t repurchase this one.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarnostarnostarnostar

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Best and Worst beauty products of 2017 – the complete list


Dear Readers,

We love our annual lists of what was a game-changer and what we should have said no to. Here it is, enjoy (and avoid our mistakes)!

The best...

The lemon dream of the year goes to this one.

This mascara was not only wallet friendly but also the best we tried in 2017!

Our best budget buy was this charcoal mask.

This enzyme peel changed our skin game…

Our favourite Kiehl‘s product was this one.

This hair serum saved the (hair)day…

…and this foundation saved our face!

This fruity magic mask was our best splurge of the year.

The pore size reducing miracle we got hocked on..

The worst

The most overhyped product we wished we didn‘t splurge on is this Oribe spray.

This face cleanser we will never go back to..

…neither will we ever splurge on this hand cream (which did nothing for our dry hand)..

The prize of the most overhyped brand goes to Aesop big time (just read this and this review)!

This Clinique powder disappointed big time..

…and so did this foundation (if you have oily skin read this – to know what to stay away from!!).

The shampoo that did nothing for our hair was this one..

The lip balm everyone should stay away from is here.

Cetaphil did not really live up to the hype, just read here..

This was the list for 2017 – let us know which favourites you had and have a lovely 2018!

Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque Review


My skin looks very “clear” the next day.


Very tricky to define how skin “removed of pollution”, should look like.


I have read many mixed reviews about this mask – and was a bit unsure if I should get it. But the smell was so fresh I couldn‘t resist (and yes I was travelling in the US where it was much cheaper then in Europe – so I convinced myself this was a “bargain”).

Basically this mask promises to get rid of signs of pollution – problem is that what those signs aren‘t really defined by Kiehls, or made totally clear by any chorus of scientists, at least not yet. I know, that the topic of pollutions effect on skin is starting to emerge in scientific reports and the new “it” topic (the new “sun can damage you skin”), and I‘m sure we will see many new products on the market targeting specifically the effect of pollution – but for now we don‘t really have a visible way of measuring how efficient these anti-pollution products are. If you want an overview of the main themes in reserach in this area right now, this The Guardian article is brilliant.

Conclusion  – this mask is sticky, but smells fresh, can be left on overnight and makes my skin look very clear the next morning. Does it protect my skin against future wrinkles and signs of me living in a polluted capital – don‘t know, but sure hope so!


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar (don‘t know! Read the whole review above to find out why!)

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review



Does what it promises and suits almost all skin types.


I’m not too fond of the lavender smell (- like the rest of the bloggers on this side).


This is a classic and for good reasons! I use this daily wintertime or as a weekly treatment during other times of the year – just to get an extra hydration boost. When I’m really dry I layer it on top of a water-based moisturizing serum, underneath my nightcream. My skin loves it! Since you only need a couple of drops it last for a long time which is comforting considering the price. I have tried other face oils from other “hyped” brands bit keep coming back to my little blue bottle year after year.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque Review



Feels very soothing and hydrating.


Is a bit sticky.


This is definitely my favourite buy of 2017 to this day. I got this masque as a treat to myself on a trip to New York as a treat and to celebrate new beginnings: new job, new plans, new ambitions and a lot of knowledge from mistakes I made in 2016 (it was a year on standstill full of emotions – and I‘ve decided to make 2017 easier for myself and my surroundings). Surely all my new hopes and promises should come with extra glowing skin I thought…and this masque did not disappoint.

The masque has a gel-like consistency, which feels a bit sticky but very pleasant and soothing on my skin. You use it for 5 minutes and I saw an instant result after the first use: my skin feels very hydrated and look glowing. Also I‘m a fan of the ingredients: aloe vera and calendula are known to have a calming effect on skin. This mask gives me the feeling of being in a spa and I love it.

I have used the Kiehls algea face masque and was a fan too – thought I don‘t think it‘s sold anymore. Though I have mixed feelings about Kiehls and think they make great and not soo great stuff – them seem to know how to make great face masques.


Value for money:starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Our best hair products – the complete list


It‘s no secret hair products take up a lot of space on this blog. Therefore we decided to compose a list of our all time favourite hair products:

  1. Best hair maskKiehl’s Olive Fruit Reparative hair pak – I have been using this mask for the past two years and ALWAYS return to it – actually its the only thing from Kiehl‘s I‘ve stayed faithful to. The mask makes my hair instantly (after 10 minutes) soft, easy to de-tangle and just makes it look much better. This blog is more about what you shouldn‘t buy rather then what you should buy and this mask is probably the only time I‘ve urged my readers to try something so urgently. By try I mean getting a sample of it. Read full review here.
  2. Best hair oilOrofluido hair oil – this oil is the oil of all oils, and those of you who have read a few reviews of hair products on this blog know that I always refer back to it. This oil makes my hair instantly soft and smells of heaven. And its a great budget buy – a bottle has lasted me for 2 years. Trust me I have tried a lot of oils and nothing comes close to it (yes we are talking about you Moroccan oil). See full review here.
  3. Best dry shampood:fi dry shampoo – most beauty/fashion/french bloggers refer to Klorane dry shampoo as the best thing out there. We have reviewed it (read review here) and we really really really liked it. But seriously there must be other dry shampoos out there which are just as good and keep a good level of quality..answer: hell yeah. Sure d:fi dry shampoo doesn‘t ooze of french sophistication but its good quality, the color is neutral (not traces of white in my hair yey) and its cheap. Much better than Klorane if you look at it from a price point – which I know many of you are. Read the full review here.
  4. Best shampoo and conditionerBamboo smooth anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner – this shampoo and conditioner are my favourites because they give my hair that va va voom feeling and a bottle lasts for about 6 months (which might justify the steep price). Considering frizz one of my hairs biggest enemies these bottles have been saviours. Read full review here.
  5. Best quick fixBamboo Kendi oil dry oil mist – this oil is my go when I need a quick solution – some shine and nice texture. It doesn‘t replace a hair cut and won‘t fight dry ends but It‘s a big favourite – partly again cause a bottle lasts for years and the shine adds some well-needed confidence from sad hair days. Read full review here.

This is our list, please feel free to share your favourite hair products with us and we will do out best to feature them in the blog. Or do you disagree with some of our choices – let us know – we love all feed-back!

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate Review




Makes my skin supersoft.


Takes ages to get absorbed.


I bought this concentrate thinking it was a serum – and I was wrong. Apparently you are supposed to apply it between your usual cream and serum. This concentrate feels like a thin oil on my skin – it gets absorbed super slow – so every morning I walk around glowing like a sweaty muscle for 20 minutes – applying a serum in between my layers would just give me break-outs so I chose using this concentrate as my serum. Thoughts: despite taking ages to get absorbed, this concentrate feels great on my skin – making it supersoft, and I‘ve had no break-out after I started using it (aka its not irritating my skin). It smells delicious of lemon and herbs which makes the feel a bit less synthetic when applying this potion. The price is pretty steep but I think its ok since one only need a tiny bit per use.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Happy new year lovelies, we have made a small list of what we loved and worshipped this year:

The facial oil of this year that brought our face out of the winter darkness..

This is where we got out grapefruit fix from in 2016…

The splurge of the year – which was well worth it..

This body oil made our bathroom feel like a warm coconut beach vacation all year long

The lavender oil that puts us to bed like babies was a favourite during this sleep deprived year.

This serum made our year a biiiiit prettier

The budget product of the year was … look here.

The hair brush which became our favourite hair thing in 2016..

…but this one also did wonders to our hair.

And WHAT WE DID NOT LIKE (wasted our money on):

The powder from hell…

The face mask which did nothing of what it promised (see the full list of face masks we won‘t repurchase here).

The ecological lemongrass disappointment of 2016 goes to this shea body butter

This rose lip balm made us (and our wallet) very very sad.

The scrubb which robbed us and made no difference to out skin!

The Kiehl‘s disappointment of the year was this one.

The foundation that made us look beyond unnatural and was just not worth a penny of our hard earned salary.

Thank you for a great 2016 and we are looking forward to guide you through the beauty jungle for another marvellous year!