Best and Worst beauty products of 2017 – the complete list


Dear Readers,

We love our annual lists of what was a game-changer and what we should have said no to. Here it is, enjoy (and avoid our mistakes)!

The best...

The lemon dream of the year goes to this one.

This mascara was not only wallet friendly but also the best we tried in 2017!

Our best budget buy was this charcoal mask.

This enzyme peel changed our skin game…

Our favourite Kiehl‘s product was this one.

This hair serum saved the (hair)day…

…and this foundation saved our face!

This fruity magic mask was our best splurge of the year.

The pore size reducing miracle we got hocked on..

The worst

The most overhyped product we wished we didn‘t splurge on is this Oribe spray.

This face cleanser we will never go back to..

…neither will we ever splurge on this hand cream (which did nothing for our dry hand)..

The prize of the most overhyped brand goes to Aesop big time (just read this and this review)!

This Clinique powder disappointed big time..

…and so did this foundation (if you have oily skin read this – to know what to stay away from!!).

The shampoo that did nothing for our hair was this one..

The lip balm everyone should stay away from is here.

Cetaphil did not really live up to the hype, just read here..

This was the list for 2017 – let us know which favourites you had and have a lovely 2018!

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara Review


Doesn‘t give me the panda look even after a loooong day at work.


No long lashes here.


I heard about this mascara because the Danish beauty entrepreneur slash mogul Marianne Tromborg, wrote a make-up book where she claimed this is the only mascara she can use. Being a fan, I naturally wanted to try this mascara. My verdict is: that this mascara is worth its (budget) price, but it certainly doesn‘t give that “WOW” effect. It‘s a good everyday mascara: giving just the right amount of discreet volume, not giving you the panda look and you can layer it many times without your lashes lumping together. Cons are that it doesn‘t give you long lashes, and as mentioned before no dramatic effect. If I want to look discreet when I go to work I use this one, but for after-work you definitely need something more dramatic and fab…


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarnostar

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Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara Review



Doesn‘t lump.


Hard to apply on lower lashes because they just get too much mascara due to the brushes size.


This is my all time favourite mascara. I have been using it for 6 months now – and yes I know, you are supposed to not use your make-up for too long due to bacteria etcetc, but I‘m soo impressed  that it hasn‘t dried out/lumped/given me panda eyes – that I‘m gone use it until there is none left. The brush is made of rubber and you get exactly the amount that you (I) need per use, and really gives some mascara love to each one of my eyelashes. My lashes are pretty long and usually when I use mascaras it usually smudges off on my eyelids and this one doesn‘t. Also after a long day I don‘t have it all over my cheeks. In my opinion this is the bust budget mascara out on the market right now, period.


Value for money: starstarstarstarstar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarstar

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