Our best hair products – the complete list


It‘s no secret hair products take up a lot of space on this blog. Therefore we decided to compose a list of our all time favourite hair products:

  1. Best hair maskKiehl’s Olive Fruit Reparative hair pak – I have been using this mask for the past two years and ALWAYS return to it – actually its the only thing from Kiehl‘s I‘ve stayed faithful to. The mask makes my hair instantly (after 10 minutes) soft, easy to de-tangle and just makes it look much better. This blog is more about what you shouldn‘t buy rather then what you should buy and this mask is probably the only time I‘ve urged my readers to try something so urgently. By try I mean getting a sample of it. Read full review here.
  2. Best hair oilOrofluido hair oil – this oil is the oil of all oils, and those of you who have read a few reviews of hair products on this blog know that I always refer back to it. This oil makes my hair instantly soft and smells of heaven. And its a great budget buy – a bottle has lasted me for 2 years. Trust me I have tried a lot of oils and nothing comes close to it (yes we are talking about you Moroccan oil). See full review here.
  3. Best dry shampood:fi dry shampoo – most beauty/fashion/french bloggers refer to Klorane dry shampoo as the best thing out there. We have reviewed it (read review here) and we really really really liked it. But seriously there must be other dry shampoos out there which are just as good and keep a good level of quality..answer: hell yeah. Sure d:fi dry shampoo doesn‘t ooze of french sophistication but its good quality, the color is neutral (not traces of white in my hair yey) and its cheap. Much better than Klorane if you look at it from a price point – which I know many of you are. Read the full review here.
  4. Best shampoo and conditionerBamboo smooth anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner – this shampoo and conditioner are my favourites because they give my hair that va va voom feeling and a bottle lasts for about 6 months (which might justify the steep price). Considering frizz one of my hairs biggest enemies these bottles have been saviours. Read full review here.
  5. Best quick fixBamboo Kendi oil dry oil mist – this oil is my go when I need a quick solution – some shine and nice texture. It doesn‘t replace a hair cut and won‘t fight dry ends but It‘s a big favourite – partly again cause a bottle lasts for years and the shine adds some well-needed confidence from sad hair days. Read full review here.

This is our list, please feel free to share your favourite hair products with us and we will do out best to feature them in the blog. Or do you disagree with some of our choices – let us know – we love all feed-back!


The Best Oils For Face and Body List

Having a creepy and unhealthy (but ooh soo fabulous) and addictive relationship with oils I‘ve been going pretty wild these past years and tried to purchase everything for my body and face in oil form. Here is my top list:

  1. Best hair oil ever is this one – affordable and bottle last for a year at least, the only thing that helps when your hair is dying for a cut.
  2.  My favourite body oil smells of lavender, great before bed for a calming effect both for my soul and my legs (whom are scared they will never see the day light due to their chicken skin look).
  3. Cleansing your face with oil became a dream with this cleansing oil, it smells of childhood and the bottle last for many months plus I love to support a good entrepreneur.
  4. Despite its fishy smell I love love love what this oil does for my face during the winter.
  5. The best budget oil out there – almost free and makes you soft like a baby.
  6. This French shower oil is a true treat.

I would like to say I haven‘t meet an oil I didn‘t like but that would be a big fat lie – don‘t try this oil at home beauties.


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Review of Orofluido Super Shine Spray


Makes my hair shinier.


The result only stays for a few hours.


As you all know by know  I am a huuuuuuge fan of the Orofludio hair oil, therefore I have obsessively been testing the rest of the products from this brand. This spray promises to provide shine, extraordinary silkiness and lightness to your hair. My verdict is: it does make my hair shinier, but only for a few yours. The texture of the spray is silky, as a result my hair looks a bit oily when I apply it, even though my hair is pretty thick and I usually put in tons of products without it looking dirty. Another downside is that you use pretty much per application, so the bottle doesn‘t last too long. This spray has that characteristic nice smell the rest of the products from Orofluido (which I personally really like.)


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarnostarnostar

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So this has been a pretty shitty cold winter, and we only have one month to go (please winter gods please please). Therefore I thought I‘d share the products which saved my skin this winter..and also what compromised it.

My big DOs:

This oil deserves a beauty Oscar.

This was the best DIY for dry and cracked lips that did what no products could do.

(Budget) Lavender was the best remedy after a cold day.

The best peeling ever only has one cheap ingredient.

I (almost) stopped using hair oil thanks to these two..

..But when I did use oil this one was my saviour.

This splurge was well worth it.

My big NOOOOs: 

I do not get the hype around this mask.

This hair mask left me wishing for more.

This elixir should have contained more magic.

This mascara made my lashes go uuuuuh.

This Kiehls product was a waste of my money.

So this was my winter in a nutshell. Share yours in the commentary field!


Orofluido Asia Zen Control Mask Review


Makes my hair shiny and silky.


Very strong smell.


First time I used this mask it gave me a feeling of “wowowow”, I could really feel how my hair turned more shiny and silky. It is a myth that your hair gets used to products, and that you therefore should change your routines (hair is dead materia it cant get used to anything), but still I felt that the “wowowow” effect wore off after a couple of weeks of using this mask. Also I was a bit turned off when my dance partner (I am a fierce salsa dancer) commented on my hair smelling very strong. Despite this I still think it is a good budget alternative since it lasts for long and makes a difference.

If you want to read the other reviews from the products in this line you can find them here and here.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises:starstarstarstarnostar

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Review of Orofluido Asia Zen Control Elixir


Makes my hair shinier and frizz-free.


Only lasts for one evening.


I have have waited for a new line from Orofluido ever since falling in love with this oil. This elixir is supposed to help frizzy hair, providing an anti-humidity shield and increase shine. First and foremost this elixir is pretty oily, so I never dared using too much of it, instead preferring to apply it in dirty hair for a quick fix-up. So maybe my review will differ from those using it on an every-day basis.

Using the elixir I could really see how my hair became more shiny, frizz-free and got a nicer, more polished look, without any extra softness though. Also, I like the heavy smell of perfume of this elixir. The minuses: you need much per use (though I do have big craxy hair), effect lasts for only a day and does not make my hair more soft.

Overall: starstarstarstarnostar

Value for money:starstar starnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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Orofluido Asia Zen Control Shampoo and Conditioner Review

orofluido-asia-zen-control (1)


You need a very small amount per application.


Makes my hair so soft I can’t style it.


Orofluido is a favourite of this blog, so when their new Asia series came out this summer we were all excited. Containing  camellia oil, bamboo extract and rice oil,  the line promises to make your hair more soft, adding elasticity and making it easier to work with. Camillia translates to tsubaki in Japanese, and the oil can be used for both body and hair. Discovering a new natural ingredient with a miracle reputation made me extra excited about this new line.

 I have short coloured hair and here is my verdict: it just makes your hair “too soft”, your hair feels like the hair of a newborn chicken, ultra super soft…and therefore very hard to style. Having short hair I rely on the tons of products to keep my hair in shape, and they just don’t work as well when my hair is like down. Also, it takes a long time to wash out, but on the other hand you really need a small amount per wash, which makes a bottle last for ages. 

If your hair craves to be ultra soft this combo could be the right thing for you, otherwise check out out other reviews of great products for you hair.


Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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