Review of Emma S Sensitive Facial Oil Serum



This is the first facial oil I can use without getting pimples or my skin starting to itch.


A bit pricey and small bottle.


Emma S is a Swedish brand, whose products I have reviewed before, which was started by supermodel Emma S Wiklund. I really like the idea of using products from small brands with strong ideas and ethics rather then the multi-billion dollar cooperations who already made enough money, and therefore I get extremely excited when finding a brilliant product made with love and strong beliefs.

I love oils and I love serums, so this is a great combination for me, especially since its specifically made for sensitive skin. Because despite my love of oils my skin can not handle them, and I tend to break out or get blackheads after just a few days of use. Since oils are so hyped, I keep on trying my luck (yes im one of those people who purchase things after reading about them in a magazine) and getting disappointed.

The serum oil has a nice silky feeling, is perfume free, sinks in fast and works well with my regular cream (does not get sticky or takes ages to sink in). I started using it at the end of the summer, when my skin was hydrated, and it still blended in well without causing the usual pimples my skin is prone to when getting over-hydrated or when I use oil. The best part is that I can really see an instant result on my skin when using it, I wake up with smoother and more radiant looking skin. The minuses are that the bottle is 30 ml making the product a bit pricy.

Overall: starstarstarstarstar

Value for money: starstarstarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarstar

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