Spraying this water  on my skin gives it a healthy glow and I like that the water has many different fields of usage.


Let’s be clear: you are paying for water, thermal and very well-known, but still.


Let’s be clear: it is a very luxurious matter, paying for water. My mum has been using this water in a mini-bottle when flying far, for ages, always looking fresh when she gets off her flight (whilst I look less radiant smeared in layers of random samples I tried at the tax-free shop).  But since I had a great experience with my first Avene product, I wanted to try the base for all of them: the thermal water. Since Avene has a hydrotherapy center, specializing in treatment of dermatological conditions using the thermal water as a base, I have great expectations on the healing properties of this water.

It comes in a spray bottle, which lasts for months and months (I have the 150 ml one) since you only need a spritz.

It has many different fields of usage, and I have tried to try most of them: after hair removal, when sunburned, to make make-up stay on for longer and just to freshen up. Does it have the calming effect it promises? Mostly yes.

It feels very nice on my dry face when I just need to feel fresh. Also my make-up certainly stayed on for longer when I used the water as part of my base. After hair-removal it has made my skin a bit less irritated, but I still got bumps. It didn’t do much for my boyfriend after sunburn though unfortunately.

Verdict: yes I do really much like this water, and it feels like pure luxury using it, but if you lack other basics in your skin care regime (day and night cream, serum, eye cream, mask) invest in those first. I’m very fortunate to not have a skin condition that needs to be treated, but for those of you who have, it is worth investigating a possibility to go to the treatment center of Avene.


Value for money: starstarstarstarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarstarnostar

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Review of Avéne Soothing Hydrating Serum



Bottle with pump. Easy to apply. Feels good for my skin.


Expensive. Not that soothing.


This Eau Thermale Avène serum is a lightweight gel moisturiser for sensitive skin. The Thermal Water is said to be soothing and good for irritated and/or acne prone skin. I still need to see the scientific evidence for these claims (in beauty products). Paula’s Choice states that “There is inadequate research demonstrating that Avene’s thermal spring water is soothing for skin.” But there’s no source on the statement.

My skin is sensitive and has a tendency to get dehydrated, while still being acne prone. I have used the serum every day and night for almost a month (There’s 25% left of the 30ml bottle). I use approximately two “pumps” per time. The serum is easy to apply and is ok absorbed.

I tried to apply the serum and then a day cream, but that gets too much (too greasy/shiny). The serum alone is OK. My skin feels fine, but I do feel that my skin could need more hydration.

I’m not sure I see/feel a noticeable difference. For a product at this price, I would expect more hydration and better results.

I didn’t experience any breakouts or irritations from the serum, which is a plus.

By the way, Avène claims to be cruelty free (not tested on animals), however, they still sell in China, which requires that their products are tested on animals (More here).


Overall: starstarstarnostarnostar

Value for money: starstarnostarnostarnostar

Does what it promises: starstarstarnostarnostar

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